Fishing in Summers County

Yesterday my wife said I should write something about fishing.  So I went to, clicked on “Tourism,” scrolled down and checked three keywords – “Fishing, Fishing Guides and Fishing Supplies,” scrolled to the bottom, clicked Summers County in the County search and hit the search button.  Up came several listings, of which I’ll share some of the results.

Fishing Holes


Bluestone Dam and Fishing Pier


Barger Springs

bellepointpark  Bellepoint Park

fishing  Lowell, Talcott and Willowwood Public Fishing Access.


To find more information about the above, plus more, go to and click on the same keywords as I mentioned above.  Some of that “more information” will include directions once you add the listings to your itinerary.

In addition, when you conduct the search you will also find places to purchase

New River Citgo

supplies.  Two of those places would be New River Citgo near the I-64 Hinton exit, which used to be known as Richmond’s Country Store, and the other place is PC Baits.  They’re good places to get the supplies you need for a good day of fishing on the river or in the lake.  PC Baits even has a bait vending machine!  Check the site out to see what else you may be interested in.


pcbaits  PC Baits



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