Former Summers County Commissioner Jerry Berry Pleads Guilty

Jerry Berry pled guilty in Mercer County Court yesterday, Nov. 2, to the charge of fraudulent schemes, after the prosecuting attorney Scott Ash agreed to drop the embezzlement charge against him for his crimes against WVyourWay.


Jerry Berry

Mr. Berry was fired from the website in May of 2010 after it was discovered he had been embezzling money from the company.  After an investigation conducted by the company, it was discovered Mr. Berry had embezzled tens of thousands of dollars.


He was indicted in December of 2012, but his case was repeatedly continued until he originally pled guilty last year in court.  However, that plea, which had highly favored Mr. Berry, was set aside when it was discovered to be illegal by a new judge after the original judge recused himself from the case.

Mr. Berry is currently serving a one to ten year sentence in the Southern Regional Jail for his conviction in a separate case where he was found guilty of embezzling from Summers County while he served as a commissioner for the county.

We do not currently know of a sentencing date for Mr. Berry.

WVyourWay, the victim of Mr. Berry’s crime, also owns

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