Bobcats Begin Class A Playoffs Saturday Night

By James Cook:

The Summers County Bobcats will the Class A playoffs Saturday night at Glenville State College as they are set to battle the Gilmer County Titans (10-0) in the first round.bobcat

The Bobcats were impressive in their last three games of the 2016 regular season in which they won all three to finish the season (8-2) overall. The Bobcats once again had a nice regular season and hope to begin a playoff run beginning Saturday night.

Best of luck to the Bobcat players, coaches, and fans as they travel north this weekend. We also wish safe travels to all involved.

(Editor’s Note)  If you’re going to the game, get off I-79 at the Burnsville/Glenville exit #79 and turn left toward Glenville.  When you get to Glenville and the stop sign (right past a McDonalds) turn left and go up the hill.  As you get to the top of the hill and it levels out you will need to take a sharp right at the sign pointing toward the stadium which will be on your left after following the road a short way.

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