Fishing in Summers County

Yesterday my wife said I should write something about fishing.  So I went to, clicked on “Tourism,” scrolled down and checked three keywords – “Fishing, Fishing Guides and Fishing Supplies,” scrolled to the bottom, clicked Summers County in the County search and hit the search button.  Up came several listings, of which I’ll share some of the results.

Fishing Holes


Bluestone Dam and Fishing Pier


Barger Springs

bellepointpark  Bellepoint Park

fishing  Lowell, Talcott and Willowwood Public Fishing Access.


To find more information about the above, plus more, go to and click on the same keywords as I mentioned above.  Some of that “more information” will include directions once you add the listings to your itinerary.

In addition, when you conduct the search you will also find places to purchase

New River Citgo

supplies.  Two of those places would be New River Citgo near the I-64 Hinton exit, which used to be known as Richmond’s Country Store, and the other place is PC Baits.  They’re good places to get the supplies you need for a good day of fishing on the river or in the lake.  PC Baits even has a bait vending machine!  Check the site out to see what else you may be interested in.


pcbaits  PC Baits




Old Talcott High School

Brief History of Talcott High School .. Home of the Pirates..

The Talcott High School Pirates  was a high school in Summers County, West Virginia from (1921-1980) serving the areas of Talcott, Lowell, Pence Springs, and a few others.

To read the rest of James Cook’s article, follow this link to his blog.

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Bobcats Number Two In First WVSSAC Rankings

Parkersburg, WVa —  The first official rankings for West Virginia high school football’s 2016 season were released today and the Summers County Bobcats in their first season as a Class A team come in at the second spot, helping that fact is the Bobcats have thoroughly bested two Class AA teams so far in 2016.

To read the rest of the article by James Cook, follow this link.

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Summers County Bobcats Off To Good Start

Bobcat Nation shared a great article about our local high school football team and we also wanted to share that article.  The great thing about discovering the article was discovering a great site about West Virginia sports.  Click on this link

Courtesy Nate Turner

to read the article, then if you’re a fan of sports within our state, please check out the rest of the site.  Thanks goes to James Cook for his great work.

Summers County Bug Problem

The flood may have receded, but some problems caused by the flood still haven’t gone away.  One of those problems is the bugs that have become very annoying to anyone who has to be outside and deal with these flood bugs.

WVVA has a report accompanied by a video with more details.  Check it out by clicking here.


We Need Hinton Sports News

We need stories about sports and sports teams in Hinton.  If you’re a coach, parent or player for a little league team, feel free to write about your team and send us your box score.  If you’re part of the a team from a school in the town, we also need scores, results and stories about those teams.  If there are other sporting events going on such as archery, biking, mud bogs, golf, or anything to do with sports happenings that involve Hinton, please contact us to see how to submit a story for publication.

Send queries to and we will let you know just what you need to do to become a published sportswriter.

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